Smart Homes Lead the Trend in 2022

The smart home trend continues to boom in 2022 in real estate development and second homeowners particularly appreciate the move to technology-enhanced living. Not only do smart homes allow owners to monitor and maintain their homes from the palm of their hand with their cell phone or handheld device, but they also offer energy-efficient features that can equal savings to both the environment and your utilities bills. 

What are some of the most popular smart home features for 2022?
Here are some of the most sought-after tech upgrades with buyers today.

  1. Enhanced security systems. From infrared exterior cameras to state-of-the-art doorbell cameras that allow you to monitor your front door – particularly helpful to keep an eye on parcel delivery when you’re not at home – to entire home protection systems that can be fully monitored and controlled from your cellphone so that you can feel confident about the safety of your home wherever you may be.
  2. Smart home controls. Imagine arriving to your vacation home having been able to set your home to your preferences right from your phone? Open or close the blinds, turn lights on or off, set your air conditioners or thermostats – your home is perfectly welcoming and comfortable the moment you arrive.
  3. Keyless entry systems. You can never have to search for lost keys again! Smart homes are using features like facial recognition and keyless digital entry to make calling the locksmith a thing of the past. Another common and helpful feature? Virtual keys that you can issue to houseguests without having to have metal keys cut to accommodate them. Smart locks are also becoming a common tech feature, so you never have “did I remember to lock the door?” worries again.
  4. Robot mops. While robot vacuums have been popular for some time, few Banderas Bay homes have carpet. Welcome the next generation of robot mops! Two companies, Roborock and Ecovacs, are bringing mopping bots to the market later in 2022.
  5. Connected community. There are several “virtual concierge” systems now on the market that allow residents to engage in their community whether at home or on the go. Features can include reserving community amenities spaces, staying up-to-date and communicative with your Homeowners Association, arranging for secure parcel delivery, parking management systems, and even remote property management, depending on the choice of resident app.

And while the idea these types of features may make some “non-techie” people feel a little nervous, most of these systems are incredibly easy to use and simple and intuitive to learn. And Amazon, Apple, Samsung, and Google all offer “hub” services that can interconnect all your smart home features to allow you to easily manage them all from one operating system.

Most importantly, smart homes make your house more secure but also easier to manage, which is extremely appealing to vacation homeowners. Additionally, if you are looking to add some updates to your home, smart features will help your home increase in value and stand out on the market with today’s modern buyers.

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