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Jonathon Smart

Founding Partner / Broker

Born, raised and educated in Sussex, England. Jonathon has a passion for real estate, both residential and commercial, he is a certified Mexican Real Estate Professional having completed several further educational certification courses. Jonathon served as the President of the board of Directors for AMPI (The Mexican National Professional Real Estate Associate) for the Riviera Nayarit Chapter for over 3 years, and has earned himself a reputation for his professionalismexcellence, and in-depth knowledge in high-end luxury real estate. Jonathon formed an integral part of the Punta Mita Properties executive sales, marketing & management team for over 7 years, where he was an important asset in the success of the Punta Mita Properties office in the early 2000’s along with his friend and business partner Wally Lopez. Founding Riviera Partners Realty with business partner Wally Lopez in January 2009, Riviera Partners Realty has become the leading High-end Luxury Real Estate company, listing and selling agency, within the privately gated enclave residential community of Punta Mita, and the surrounding Northern Shore, and throughout the Riviera Nayarit region. Founding Partner / Developer of Plaza Ollin, Punta de Mita’s Premier Shopping plaza, located in the Village of Punta de Mita where the Riviera Partners Realty principle office is located. Having developed an extensive knowledge and understanding of architecture, construction and development, and having participated in the design and development of several high-end luxury master-planned communities, Jonathon brings his complete knowledge encompassing business development & planning, design, development, and execution of commercial and residential projects. Jonathon’s extensive and in-depth knowledge and experience with both high-end residential communities and commercial developments gives him and his team a competitive advantage in our region. Riviera Partners Realty provide professional consultancy services for National and International Real Estate Funds focusing on our specific high-end luxury Real Estate expertise. Jonathon is an active and passionate waterman, windsurfing, paddle boarding, surfing, sailing and swimming. He was a competitive windsurfer and martial artist in his teens, and brings that focus, passion and determination to all that he does. Currently serving as a member of the JKR International Yudanshakai Executive Council, and on the Board of Directors of the American School of Puerto Vallarta (ASPV). Jonathon very much enjoys traveling and speaks English, Spanish and basic French, and lives with his family in the Bay of Banderas.

Wally Lopez

Founding Partner / Broker

Born in Los Angeles, California Wally grew up bi-culturally spending his time between Los Angles and Mazatlan. He later studied at the Technology Institute of Superior Studies in Monterrey, Mexico where he studied Sales and Marketing and earned his degree. For almost 9 years Wally was involved in, and formed and integral member of the sales, marketing and management within Punta Mita, working at the Punta Mita Properties office until his departure in January 2009, with his friend and business partner Jonathon Smart they were agents/managers of the Punta Mita Properties Office within Punta Mita. Wally earned a reputation while at Punta Mita Properties for his excellence and professionalism. His extensive knowledge of the Punta Mita development and the surrounding area makes him a valued consultant, professional, and closing specialist. Wally played an important part in the success of Punta Mita Properties up through his departure in January 2009. Wally is certified by the Mexican Real Estate Professionals Association, and is an active member of AMPI (the Mexican Professional Real Estate Association) and has an extensive knowledge of all legal and technical aspects of the real estate industry in Mexico. Wally has been involved in the design and development of several high-end residential luxury Real Estate communities and has hands on experience in design, development and construction offering a more complete knowledge base to our clients. Wally is an avid surfer, enjoys mountain biking and running. Wally lives with his family in the Bay of Banderas.

Olivia Reyes

Sales Executive

Born, raised and educated in Mexico City, living for the past 30 years in the Bay of Banderas. Interior Designer by degree, Olivia has an in-depth knowledge of design, development and real estate, with an extensive working experience in high-end luxury homes and residential developments for more than 18 years. Olivia joined the Riviera Partners Realty Sales team in 2010, bringing her extensive knowledge and professionalism, she speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Salvador Castrejon M.

Sales Executive

Born and raised in Mexico City, studied during my teen years in Pennsylvania USA at Valley Forge Military Academy. Studied theatre and music composition in Mexico City, then moved to Cancun at age 19 where I started my career in sales and created a company named “El Wipil” with a group of close friends, our business was importing handicrafts & garments from Central America. We successfully managed and ran this business for four years. I then joined a sailing crew in San Diego CA and set sail on an adventure cruising for 2 years around French Polynesia. I lived in India for 6 months where I was initiated in Asthanga Yoga and became passionate about well-being, health, and teaching yoga. I moved to Puerto Vallarta 18 years ago where my wife & I created a yoga shala named Synergy. I was invited to become a part of the original sales team at the L os Veneros Residential community where we enjoyed great success from December 2006 through August 2010. In August 2010 I was invited to join the Riviera Partner Realty team, where I stayed for approximately 3 years. In October 2013 I was invited to participate as part of Punta Sayulita sales team where I stayed through December 2014. From January 2015 to April 2018 I was the office manager for the Coldwell Banker Punta Mita office, where for three consecutive years I received the award of most sales volume. I am pleased to have been invited back to re-join the team here at Riviera Partners Realty. Riviera Partners Realty has always been a market leader and the most professional company in our region, I am back and plan to add value to the existing exceptional team!

Venus Oceguera

Sales Executive

Venus was born in Puerto Vallarta, raised for the most part of her life in the PV and Riviera Nayarit area, under the parentage and international influence of a respected Mexican Civil Engineer and Vallarta’s own U.S. Consular Agent.  She ventured off to High School and college in the United States, then returned to Mexico to finalize her studies and graduate from the University Valle de Atemajac with honors in Business Administration.  She worked her way through college as a hostess/concierge at a small condo development in Punta de Mita.  Upon graduation, she was given the opportunity for additional responsibilities with a foreign-owned Mexican Corporation, to acquire skills as a Treasurer, Property Manager/Administrator, Office Manager and Real Estate Agent, and is currently a member of Mexico Realtors Association (AMPI), in good standing.   She is a bilingual/dual national who enjoys travelling and experiencing diverse cultures. She is dynamic and customer oriented with a focus on her professional development.

Ignacio Purpon

Sales Executive

I started my Real Estate career at Bayviewgrand Corporation in the Puerto Vallarta sales organization with direct involvement in key projects in 2002; where I became top seller, participated in decision process within the Corporation and became a positive influence for the developers and sales team. After 6 years of experience and achievements, I started my own Real Estate company “Beachbay Properties”. In 7 years, I managed to place the company as one of the main players in the market, recognized for its service quality, honesty and customer satisfaction. In search of new challenges and opportunities, in 2014 I sold the office and moved to Mexico City. After consolidating a solid sales team and procedures as well as exceeding annual sales goals in a highly competitive market, the only reasonable move was… back to paradise! Yes, convinced that the healthy environment and quality of life that this Bay offers, is unique and unlike other to keep growing. To join the leading and best Real Estate team in Riviera Nayarit is a great challenge, one I embrace with enthusiasm and confidence! I believe I will be able to contribute to the success of Riviera Partners Realty.

Nancy Bravo

Office Manager / Senior Closing Coordinator

Born in Alaska and raised in Tepic, Nayarit, Nancy had a bi-lingual and bi-cultural childhood and education. Nancy is our Riviera Partners Realty Office Manger & Closing Coordinator. Nancy has an extensive experience with the intricacies involved in managing and closing high-end real estate transactions, and is known for her professionalism and efficiency. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

Yolanda Aguilar

Closing Coordinator / Executive Assistant

Born and raised in Mexico City, Yolanda worked for 15 years as an Administrator in a top Mexico City Law Firm. Living in the Bay of Banderas area for the last 15 years, she has worked in Real Estate developments for the last 11 years with a reputation of professionalism and attention to detail. At Riviera Partners Realty, Yolanda is our Executive Assistant, also overseeing our Rental Business. speaking fluent Spanish and English.

María Andrea Magallanes

Riviera Rentals Mexico Manager

Born and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco. María obtained her Graphic Design degree from Universidad del Valle de México, then ventured to achieve her Master Degree in Fashion Events and Marketing from Felicidad Duce, LCI in Barcelona Spain. Since she started working at the age of 18, María discovered a personal drive to work in customer service because her outgoing personality enjoyed the genuine communication this field allowed. Four years ago, María decided to change the path of her life and move closer to nature and the ocean, which brought her to Bay of Banderas where she has worked as a Concierge and Rental agent, learning and growing with each experience. As part of Riviera Rentals Mexico, María brings a motivation to personally interact with each rental client, anticipate their needs and coordinate their every request in order for their dream vacation come to life.

Lizbeth Cabrera

Executive Assistant

Born in Mexico City, Lizbeth lived most of her childhood and teenage years in the United States of America, studying Elementary, Middle, and High School at a small town in South Carolina. At the age of 18, she decided to move back to her home country, where she began a career in the tourism industry and took advantage of her bi-lingual skills. Ever since moving to Puerto Vallarta at the age of 19, she has worked in customer service areas and gained a lot of experience from, and is still learning, the importance of customer satisfaction. Provided with the opportunity to join the Riviera Partners team a new and exciting twist to her work life, Liz is very dedicated when it comes to learning and will go the extra mile to complete her tasks. She is focused on continuing to build her knowledge in the Real Estate branch, where she will be sure to share her abilities and reach the end of the day’s goal, which is to make our client’s dreams come true.