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Privacy Policy


Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties hereinafter referred to as “The Law” in this privacy notice is issued in the following terms:



For purposes of this privacy notice Peninsular Luxury Properties, S. de RL de CV (Trade name Riviera Partners Realty, hereinafter RPR) domiciled at Av. Networks s/n, Punta de Mita, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit. 63732, is responsible for the collection, dissemination, storage, use, handling, use, transfer and/or disposal and the protection of personal data obtained from its customers (hereinafter the Holders).



The personal data collected RPR Holders are the following declarative way, but not limited to: Name, home address, email, age, date of birth, sex, marital status, nationality, telephone number, occupation, RFC, current employment data, copy of photo ID, copy of proof of income, bank references, number of people financially dependent on him, among others.

Your personal data is collected via electronic mail or by delivery of the documents evidencing the foregoing or transfers of data.



RPR policy not to request any information under the Act is defined as sensitive data such as: religion, sexual preference, political views, among others. The company supports and encourages diversity and therefore prohibits any discriminatory act or the application of any information that could imply a discriminatory act. If you provide sensitive data the company will treat and safeguard in terms of the law.



The data we collect is intended for: (i) development of a contract for services between RPR and customers to establish the terms and conditions on the promotion of the property owned by the client (II) For the preparation of leases, promise purchase, sale, transfer, investment projects promoted by RPR properties (III) For any management in order to confirm the legal status of the property promoted by RPR (IV) To organize meetings with prospects at the address of the property owned by the customer and promoted by RPR (V) To exchange information and ideas between the prospectus and related property promoted by RPR (VI) to investigate the credit and legal integrity of the client (VII) in order to close all types of real estate transactions between the client prospect and client (VIII) to inform you of special offers and new releases (IX) For marketing and prospecting activities, (X) to perform statistical and market analysis, (XI) To invite events (XII) to maintain our records. Similarly the personal data may also be used to meet legal requirements of competent authorities. RPR is not responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the data provided by you nor do they have checked, but only those received, recorded and retained. You further represent and confirm with the express consent of those that also provide personal information, as they are exemplary mind: spouse, concubine (o), dependents, relatives, professional references, etc.



It should be noted that under the law there are circumstances in which consent is not required for the processing of their personal data, and therefore the absence or refusal thereof if not preclude or prevent the RPR question (their personal) data in terms of the law and other regulations that may apply.



Personal data of the Holders will be treated in the strictest confidentiality, caring measures administrative, physical and technical RPR implements is its policies and procedures of internal security by preventing the possible unlawful disclosure and limiting its use to the provisions of this privacy notice.



At any time you or your duly accredited legal representative may exercise the rights of access and correction when they feel they are incorrect or inaccurate, cancellation if it considers that the data are not treated properly and opposition in case you do not want that your data is treated for the specific purposes. The exercise of one will not prevent the exercise of the other and neither is budget for another.

To exercise their rights must ARCO; apply at our home located on Av. networks s/n, Punta de Mita, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit. 63732 or send it to our data department to email personal with attention to data protection department.

The request must contain the following information: (I) the name of the owner (II) address and email address to notify the response to the request (III) a clear and precise description of the data for which is sought to exercise the right corresponding (IV) the purpose of the application (V) any element that facilitates the location of the data and must attach a copy of your ID, and if the document in which legal representation is proved.

The response time of your application shall be 20 business days from the day the request for access, rectification, cancellation or opposition corresponding received. The answer will be communicated within the above e-mail address you provided in your application or sending a letter to the address provided on the same. Once such notice shall within 15 working days to make it effective if they are appropriate.

At any time you can revoke the consent given to us for the processing of your personal data, so that we stop making use of them. To do this you must submit an application to the above terms for the exercise of ARCO rights. The procedure is the same as that provided for the exercise of ARCO rights. In case of your data from your application stop being treated by RPR.



Your personal data may be transferred to foreign nationals or third parties if necessary to comply with its obligations because of the connection with RPR in terms of Section 37 of Article VII of the Act.

It is important to inform you that any third party due to transfers by RPR receive your personal data have the same obligations and responsibilities that we as responsible is your data and this privacy notice will be communicated to that third party.



If there are any changes to this privacy notice, you will be informed via the following means:
1. By email sent personally.
2. And or through advertisements in the visible part of the operational area of ​​RPR.

Similarly they are informed that the Holders privacy notice may be amended at any time in order to meet new legislation and changing internal policies RPR.

If you were to modify the purposes for which your personal data is processed, if necessary will be requested again consent either express or implied considering the specific case.