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Mexico’s new Jala-Puerto Vallarta Highway

Mexico’s highway infrastructure plays a key role in the country’s economy, carrying around 55% of its freight and 98% of its passenger traffic. To meet this demand, the network has 377,660km of roads in all. This is split between the 49,652km federal highway network, the 83,982km of state roads, 169,429km of rural roads and 74,596km of access roads.

However, although the federal road network manages to connect a large part of the country’s strategic points, some stretches already present problems with saturation. Congestion is particularly acute for the federal highways that connect the main cities with the centre of the country. There are also local connection problems with access to ports, international crossings and the entrances to Mexico’s main cities.

To help tackle the problem, work commenced the Jala-Puerto Vallarta highway in the first quarter of 2012. The project is being carried out under the supervision of the Subsecretariat of Infrastructure and has been divided into two sections. Work started on the 83km Jala-Compostela Las Varas stretch in December 2015, with the project being managed by the National Fund for National Infrastructure (FONADIN). Meanwhile work on the 77km Las Varas – Puerto Vallarta section is being carried out under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) contract.

The main characteristics of the road’s cross-section was for two 3.5m-wide lanes for handling traffic, as well as border areas on each side, measuring 2.5m-wide… More…